Clare Cracknell

Agile Coach at Direct Line Group

Highly recommended!! I was lucky enough to have a few sessions with Mark to work on managing upwards which can be a challenge for me at times. Mark is very personable and easy to talk to. He put me at ease straightaway and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Most importantly I found the sessions extremely beneficial, they put me on the right track and I feel better for having that coaching support available. I am making progress again. Mark makes the process creative and empowering and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark.

Leo Bradshaw

Founder at Peckwater Brands

I worked with Mark as my business was growing rapidly, to bring more structure to my approach to some of the changes going on. I found him a hugely valuable foil - excellent at framing the business issues in a way I could tackle. Equally important, I always felt that he understood both the issues and my (complex!) business model, which helped me trust and value the output of our sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark.

Sarah Purdy

Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Experience

University of Bristol

Mark is a very experienced senior leader in Higher Education with a focus on student services and support. He led transformational institutional change in how students are supported and contributed to national and international policy in student mental health and wellbeing. He has a very engaging, supportive and collegiate approach to leadership and change and will bring this, along with his extensive experience, to his coaching practice.

Lynn Robinson

Higher Education Consultant

I was Mark's boss at the University of Bristol for 6 years when he was Director of Student Services. During his time in post Mark and his teams had to respond to increasingly complex student mental health issues including by drawing up a comprehensive student wellbeing strategy and developing new services (in academic schools and in residences) at considerable pace. Mark was a great team player and a fantastic supporter for his teams and he led all of this with great professionalism, integrity and kindness. He never shirked responsibility for very challenging issues and was always open to change and development including his own. Mark's experience puts him in a strong position to coach others through complex leadership challenges and I know from experience that it will be a pleasure to work with him.

Sam Budd

Inclusion Consultant

I worked with Mark during his time at the University of Bristol. I can genuinely say that Mark is one of the most patient, compassionate and supportive leaders that I have worked with. As an experienced senior leader he brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the challenges faced by senior executives which combined with his natural coaching style makes him someone that I have no hesitation in recommending as a coach or mentor to anyone who is looking to find someone who can support them through a journey of understanding, learning and progress.