Image by Colin Watts


As a leadership coach, I help you define success in your own terms, and support you to realise your goals. I facilitate a learning process which enables you to reflect on your skills and performance, set and review development goals, and develop your thinking and beliefs.

Leaders often seek coaching during times of transition:

  • taking up a new role

  • joining a new organisation

  • facing new personal challenges

  • addressing difficult issues in their private life.

Regular leadership coaching and mindfulness practice have increased my self-awareness and awareness of others. This has enabled me to self-manage and manage relationships in ways that have been highly beneficial for my leadership roles, as well as my personal resilience and wellbeing. This understanding and experience underpins my practice as a leadership coach.

I also have extensive experience of the complex thinking abilities needed for strategic thinking, collaboration, systems thinking, leading change and being comfortable with ambiguity. This enables me to provide an experienced and confidential space within which leaders can explore their responses to issues that may be difficult to raise directly with colleagues.

During an initial discovery session, we would consider your desired outcomes and whether coaching is likely to be helpful. If so, we would agree the practicalities of working together, including duration, frequency, location and cost of sessions. A common pattern is six face to face, phone and/or online sessions lasting 60 to 90 minutes every four weeks, but the final details are subject to individual discussion and kept under review during the coaching process.